Biuro Tłumaczeń BTJ Paweł Hojnowski provides reliable and professional translation of standard and specialist texts to many European (and not only) languages. We perform sworn, standard and specialist translations. When performing translations entrusted to us, we obviously try to reproduce the original meaning of the source text. We remember about maintaining the specific nature of particular languages. We have an experienced team of translators and provide advice regarding the choice of a specific translation type (standard, sworn, specialist). We regard each order as a challenge that we try to complete as soon as possible.
Below are a few standard rules of cooperation with our customers:

1. Under General Data Protection Regulation, BTJ Paweł Hojnowski with its registered office at 80-335 Gdańsk, ul. Sztormowa 7d/30 ensures that your personal data are processed only for the purposes related to performance of translation orders placed at BTJ Paweł Hojnowski. Your data voluntarily provided to us are necessary for us to perform translation services and will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and existing standards, as well as protected until the translation service has been completed and the obligations resulting from tax and accounting regulations have been fulfilled. Your data may also be provided to the parties that perform ongoing legal and accounting services, as well as support the provision of services by BTJ Paweł Hojnowski. You may contact BTJ Paweł Hojnowski with reference to personal data protection at the following e-mail address:
2. The translation agency shall not be responsible for the text, if the customer decides to interfere with the translation received from us. Any significant modifications and additions introduced by the customer in the source text shall constitute the basis for renegotiation of terms and conditions of the agreement, deadline and price.
3. The customer shall pay for any ongoing work performed in connection with the translation in case of order cancellation.
4. In case of an express translation, several translators may be involved. In case when the ordering party requires uniform terminology, the customer should present specialist vocabulary and/or enable consultations with their representative (this may cause a deadline extension without any financial consequences for the translation agency).
5. Any objections on the part of the customer can be submitted within 14 days from releasing the finished translation. The translation agency shall be liable up to the amount received for a specific order; however, the translation agency shall not be liable for any losses resulting from the use of translation.
6. The translation agency shall not be liable for any delays caused by problems with facsimile transmission, e-mail or extended deadline for delivering a translation by post or by couriers.

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